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BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring program has helped girls gain confidence.This program has saved a life because of depression and motivated the girls to do what they love to do in life. Below are situations that BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC have helped with.

#1 Loving The Way you Are

One of the girls in my program came to me about a situation she was having about her body image. She was comparing herself to her mom and sister.She felt that she was too tall and overweight for her age.She didnt feel confident with trying on dresses for homecoming.After speaking to her about everyone is created different and that she is beautiful just the way she is.We learned about our own body type and how to embrace it.we went homecoming dress shopping.She tried on every dress that she liked! The dresses fit perfect! .We attended a kick boxing class at the Massillon YMCA  for fun.As time went/ weeks  went on she started taking pictures of herself and wanting to be in the pictures that were   taken of her.She went to homecoming in a beautiful blue dress and she felt very confident!

Growing up too Fast 

#2 During a girl talk session the girls brought up a conversation about how some girls in their class(middle schoolers) have boyfriends and girl drama with liking certain boys at their school.After explaining to the girls that boys will come and go through their life that boys should be the last thing to worry about.I encouraged the girls to stay focus in schools because boys can cause distractions and certain sistuations like sex.Sex can change your life. The girls understand what I was saying and changed their mind set of what they want to accomplish in life before having a boyfriend.I know these situations will occur throughout their life.I remind them to come speak to me about anything and I will help the best way I can. This sistuation happened at the beginning of the school year and both girls recieved A's and B's on their midterm!.

#3 Overcoming the Odds

One of the girls was depressed and wanted to kill herself because her mom was always being negative towards her.She felt like her mom didnt love her and whatever she did wasnt good eneough.She gets good grades in school and wonder why her mom isnt proud of her. The girl in my group was lacking self love and confidence in herself because of her living sistuation.after speaking with her and telling my life experiences,she said "I want to be strong just like you" I told her she is already strong and to keep up the great work she was doing inschool.I told her I was proud of her.She talked to me about the things that bothered her. After a couple of one on one sessions to build her confidence  she started to see te beauty in life and wanted to learn more ofwhat her purpose of life is.She joined the praise dance team at church and is now an usher at church.

#4 Making the Right Choices

One of my mentees said she feels comfortable telling me things that goes on in her life rather than her mom because her mom doesnt understand her. My mentee grew up in a single prent home. Her mom was always running the streets so she mostly stayed with her grandma. She (my mentee she is 16 and the boy is 18)  is currently dating a boy  who I have met. I had a sit down with them.We talked about a lot of things such as our goals in life. I told her to keep things slow,stay focused on her schooling,even though she really likes him and "Love him" its just something happening right now. I told her that I was trying to discourage her relationship but  he is older than her and I don’t want to see her heartbroken. I told her that if she feels pressured into doing things she doesnt want to do she doesnt have to. I meet with her every sunday and we discuss the different things that happen through the week.So far shes taken my advice. Both of them attend church and focused on their schooling. I do weekly check ups to make sure she stays on the right track.

#5Finding Your purpose

In this situation a women vented to me about not knowing her purpose in life and what should she do. The advice I gave her was to pray nd write down what she love to do.After making a list I had her circle the one she wants to focus on the most and reasearch it. After guiding her and giving her some advice,she found her purpose and what she enjoys doing.She is now in the process of starting 2 businesses to help her with her financial situations(she is a single mother). I check up on her and give her words of encouragement.

#6 The Process

“Since starting beyoutiful weirdo I have became more open to try things I never thought I would be able to do. I started BeYoutiful weirdo when I was 12 and now I am 14. When O started I was shy and now I have alot of confidence to reach my goals. Miss Ke’Ke’ is the best. She really cares about how I feel and I can talk to her about anything. Every girl should join we do alot of fun things!”-Maylani

#7  Since my daughter stated this program earlier this year i have seen so much growth in her as a young lady . The way she feels and expresses herself has changed dramatically, she used to feel like she wasn’t good enough or pretty enough or her hair wasn’t long enough or straight enough . Now she accepts herself for who she is and loves herself for who she is ! Keke does a great job with these girls in helping them in so many ways, she teaches them self love , how to treat others , how to help in the community , how to have fun and be a kid and how to survive everyday living . This program has just begun for Miss Keke she is an amazing woman who has so much drive to help these young girls ! I see this program going as far as possible , county wide, and maybe then state wide . The more young girls that Keke and those around her can help the better this world will become . Not only is Keke willing to go above and beyond for these girls just during beYoutiful weirdo time but she even tutors my daughter once a week ! When i asked if she knew anyone that could help just immediately volunteered her time , and my daughters reading grade has since improved and she seems to get less frustrated reading! I am forever grateful for the things this program has instilled in my daughter and can’t wait to see my daughter get to be apart of this growing mentoring program ! 

Alicia Simmons 

#8 Awesome Oganization for our young grls in the community! -Lakisha