BeYoutiful Weirdo, LLC community program remains supportive and committed to the people we serve. Below are testimonials from parents and participants that BeYoutiful Weirdo, LLC has worked with. 

“Since starting Beyoutiful Weirdo I have become more open to try things I never thought I would be able to do. I started BeYoutiful weirdo when I was 12 and now I am 14. When I started I was shy and now I have a lot of confidence to reach my goals. Miss KeKe’ is the best. She really cares about how I feel and I can talk to her about anything. Every girl should join we do a lot of fun things!”-Maylani


“Since my daughter started this program earlier this year I have seen so much growth in her as a young lady. The way she feels and expresses herself has changed dramatically, she used to feel like she wasn’t good enough or pretty enough or her hair wasn’t long enough or straight enough. Now she accepts herself for who she is and loves herself for who she is! Keke does a great job with these girls in helping them in so many ways, she teaches them self-love, how to treat others, how to help in the community, how to have fun and be a kid, and how to survive everyday living. This program has just begun for Miss Keke. She is an amazing woman who has so much drive to help these young girls! I see this program going as far as possible, county wide, and maybe then state wide. The more young girls that Keke, and those around her can help the better this world will become. Ms. Keke goes above and beyond for these girls.  Not only is it just during BeYoutiful Weirdo time, but she even tutors my daughter once a week! When I asked if she knew anyone that could help, immediately she volunteered her time.  My daughters reading grades has since improved and she seems to get less frustrated reading! I am forever grateful for the things this program has instilled in my daughter and can’t wait to see my daughter get to be a part of this growing mentoring program!”-Alicia Simmons


“Awesome Organization for our young girls in the community!” –Lakisha