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Upcoming Speaking Opportunities

September 2018 : Hartford STEMM Academy 

September 29,2018 Health in Wellness Conference  in Columbus Princess Power workshop 

October 3,2018 Massillon Washington high school (Success Club)

January 16 R.G Drage 

Past Speaking Engagements:

March 18,2017: Princess Empowerment Party  for 50 girls in the community of Stark County

June 3, 2017: Self Love and Goal Seeking workshop

November 11, 2017: Local Author Fair

March 17,2018 : Princess Empowerment Party for 100 Girls of Stark County

April 14, 2018: Local Author Fair Masillon Ohio

May 12,2018: Being You Inspires Me Mon and Me Workshop

June 9,2018: I Am The Power of Words Event

July 14,2018 Fashion Show

September 6,2018: Hartford Middle School Canton,Ohio

September 29,2018 Health and Wellness Conference in Columbus Ohio

October 3,2018:Washington Highschool Success , Massillon Ohio

Ke'Aunte Tynette

Like Water and Light to a flower,we need self-care and knowledge to grow-Ke'Aunte Tynette


Ke’Aunte Tynette Harris

Ke’Aunte Tynette born 1986 in Massillon Ohio grew up in a 2 parent home with 3 brothers. As a little girl Ke’Aunte was shy,quiet but had alot of friends. She was the little girly girl yet loved playing sports,riding bikes all around the neighborhood ,dancing and singing. Ke’Aunte was a very good student that always made the honor roll.

In the fall of 2006,Ke’Aunte left home to attend Wright State University in Dayton Ohio to pursue her career as an Early Childhood Educator. After 3 1/2 years Ke’Aunte was so close to getting her associates degree until she had to drop out because of financial reasons. Ke’Aunte refused to move back home. She started working as a preschool day care teacher. she enjoyed living on her own. Staying in Dayton until 2012 had it’s good and bad times. She lived with her boyfriend for 7yrs. Things didn’t turn out as planned so she moved home to Massillon.

Living rent free for a few months was great. Ke’Aunte started working as a  preschool teacher at the Massillon YMCA and started online classes to obtain her associates degree.

As years went by everything was going great until she met a man. During this time Ke’Aunte went through some difficult situations. Depression,isolating herself, drinking more and overdosing on medication to ease her pain.She hid her pain very well. She was known for always smiling and laughing. Overdosing on medication was the scariest moment of Ke’Aunte’s life.That day when Ke’Aunte woke up she said enough is enough and started writng letters to God to uplift her. Ke’Aunte has always been a writer but at this time in her life she needed to trust God more than ever. The letters she wrote were very deep and detailed.

While working at the Massillon YMCA  afterschool program,the girls would always  ask questions and were so thankful that Ke’Aunte would just listen to their stories.One student mentioned that she wish there was a group she could be apart of to talk about girl things.

That night Ke’Aunte went home to do some research. She stayed up searching for an all girl group in the area but couldn’t really find what the girls were looking for.That night BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program was created. Ke’Aunte knew exactly what the girls were going through and could share her stories to inspire the young girls. This was part of the healing process.

BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program began in 2015 but became an LLC April 15,2016.

*BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program

BE You,You Are Unique

BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program is focused on elevating young girls 5 years old to 17 years of all nationalities to their highest potential. The curriculum we use is based on gaining confidence, talking about goals and understanding what being a leader is. BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program offers small group instruction with the third grade girls in elementary school by working with the guidance counselors to provide tools and different strategies to help with issues that occur in the school,such as bullying.

BeYoutiful Weirdo Started out with 1 girl for the first few months and now the program has grown with over 43 girls participating.Ke’Aunte never gave up she that the girls needed to hear her message to motivate them to love their selves more and to be positive through their journey of life.

Ke’Aunte’s Accomplishments as of 2018:

-Created Girl talk sessions on weekends for young girls

-Host Princess Parties of 50 girls in the community

-Wrote a Motivational book called A Positive Life is A Happy Life 

-Hosting Self Love workshops in Massillon,Canton and Columbus

-Small Group instruction at Franklin Elementary during the school year/free tutoring/small group instruction for after school

-Hosting Youth Empowerment at the Massillon Library and Rec Center such as 

 I am The Power Of Words conference with more than 100 people in attendance

-Created T shirts"BEing You Inspires Me!"

Ke’Aunte has connected with different organizations in the community. Also made connections with the Mayor.

Ke’Aunte is just getting started,she is in the process of writing two books which one of them being a children’s book.



Ke'Aunte loves writing.She created her first book called "Positive Life is A Happy Life" available on this site,Amazon and Barnes &Noble. Working on creating children books and ebooks about self love and reaching goals.She enjoys dancing,yoga and spending time in the library. 

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A Positive Life is A Happy Life: Daily Motivation for You and Me

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Finding your inner Peace


Mediation is the number one way that Ke'Aunte Tynette clears her mind to get clarity on what God wants her to do next. She believes prayer is powerful.

"We all have a purpose in life,we have to be still enough to allow ourself to hear Gods voice"

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