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Upcoming Events


Updated: Events coming up for 2018

October 13th Princess Power workshop 1:30-3:30 Donations are welcome Location: Stark county library 

 Second Event: Trunk or Treat Massillon Recreation center 5:00-8:00pm

October 18th Fall Fest massillon YMCA 6:00pm

November 1st: Legends Care Center Fall Fest

November 3rd Meeting in Canton at the Martin center 3:30-5:00

November 10th group activity:4-6,pm

November 17th Parade 3:00/Bingo Night

 December 1 Massillon YMCA Meeting  1:30-3:00

December 8th Christmas Program

Dec 22 Christmas party


January 27,2018: Youth Empowerment Workshop
2:00pm at the Massillon Library
Must register to join in the Free workshop( See Miss Ke’Ke’ for details)

February 3,2018: Vision Board party
Snacks provided
Bring a poster board

February 17 th,2018- Healthalicious

March 3,2018-Shopping day!!! We will ride the SARTA Bus To the Mall
Bring money to shop and for the bus
I will provide lunch
Meeting time TBA

 March 17,2018: Princess In Blue Empowerment Party
Massillon YMCA 

April 14 Local Author Fair at the Massillon Library 11am-2pm

Ke'Aunte will be speaking

April -Field Trip

May 12-Mom and Me Workshop 1:30-3:30

May 18-Girls on the Rum Event 5:30-8:30

May 19- Massillon Safety Day 10 am-12pm

June 9- I AM The Power of Words

July 14 Summer Bling Fashion Show

August 11 Fun Fest

August 25 Paint Party

Past Events

First meet and greet was May 28 2016  at the Massillon YMCA 1-4:00,introducing the program to the public

June 11th 2016  was our 2nd Meet and greet at kiwanis park.This time we had a motivation speaker Named Monique Faye.She is one of the founders of R.I.S.E  mentoring group located in Massillon.At this time 3 girls were signed up for BeYoutiful Weirdo.

June 25,2016 1:00 -3:00 We had Our first community service project:Attending Legends Care center Nuirsing Home to help call Bingo and do a craft with the elderly.

July 4,21016 We participated in the Red Whit and Blue Community event Hosted by Corey Redvine.This was located in Massilon,Oh.We Donated to with prizes and a bouncy house for the kids. This event was good for us to promote our Mentoring Program.

July 9,2016 I (KeAunte the founder of BeYoutifulWeirdo) Spent a day with one of the mentees.She had questions about college,make up and body image. I helped her with looking at the different colleges she wanted to attend,helping her fill out applicatons.We went homecoming dress shopping and talked about her issues with how she looks and her body type. Speaking to me really made her feel comfortable about being who she is and excited about college.

July 2016 I attended a Black Lives Matter Rally representing BeYoutiful Weirdo. This rally was about Peace,Love and Unity.BeYoutiful Weirdo is very involved in creating Unity

Our 2nd service project: In July 2016 We asked family and friends to donate funny birthday cards to send to a sick child in Arizona who had a rare disease.We collected over 100 Birthday cards for him.

July 23,2016 at 1:00-3:00 Our first girls talk session

we talked about Affirmations

We created a vision board about what we think about oruselves

-we used bulletin board,paint,scissors,glue and markers

July 23,2016 at 5:00pm We  Attended "Calling All Young Women" at Mount Calvery Baptist Church in massillon This event was about uplifting and empowering one another.Giving our testimonies.I was one of the speakers and one of my mentees.

-At this point my program gained 3 more girls. I have a total of 6girls in my program.

-3 girls form Mount Calvery Baptist church were interested in my program after they listened to my testimony.They felt that I am the one person they feel comfortabe with talking about everything.We meet at the church every sunday and talk about things going on in our lives.

August 13,2016 10 am-2pm: Fun fest Downtown Massillon

we promoted BeYouiul Weirdo,did a craft with those who attended

August 16,2016:Ice cream social at the Massillon YMCA 1:00-3:00

free ice cream

recieved donations 

the donations went toward our skating activity

August 27,2016 Car Wash event  :Our second project to raise money.We were located on Lincoln way at O'Reilys. We raised $60.00

August 29th I created happy Jars for the girlsbefore the school yr started to help motivate them

September 17th 2016at 1:00-3:00 I helped with a Free homecoming dress give wa Hosted by Monique Faye y. I participated by Representing BeYoutiful Weirdo. I helped girls shop for a dress.The dresses were donated  

Setember  17th 3-5  we used the money we raised and  had our skating/Fun day.This was a good way of promoting our program as well.We wore our shirts with BeYoutiful Weirdo on it.

October 1,2016 Girl Talk Session "What I love about myself"

created a big heart and put what we loved about ourselves inside the heart.During this session the girls wanted to workout in the weight room.While working out We discussed things about being healthy

October 15th,we took a trip to the museum.This was the girsls firt experience of goimg to a museum. At this time  We also discussed our dream job.We created a layout of what it would look like as far as the facility we would have.The girls were very detailed.This idea was taken from the book called 7 Steps to Discover Your Inner Greatness" by Cyrus Harper.

October 28th we Joined the Massilon YMCA BOOtiful Swim event. This was a community event that allowed s to promote BeYoutiful Weirdo.


November 19,2016 : I attended the Links Luncheon.

Introduced my mentoring program to a lot of inspirational women.The ladies gave me advice and setting up meetings to see how we can expand my program.

During the month of November:

For the  Thanksgiving holiday we raffled off a Food basket. The tickets were 2.00. We raised 

$80.00 which is going towards our special event we have planned in March

Our service project for December is to collect hats,gloves,scarves and mittens for those in need.We have a giving tree. We will start November 23,2016 until Dec. 19th.

March 18th, 2017 Pretty Princess Tea Party with 50 girls: This event was about gaining confidence and feeling like the princess they are.

April 2017 Volunteered at the Legends Care Center Nursing Home planting flowers

April 15th 2017 self Image workshop with Barbra Jean

April 29th Crafting with Kita and motivational speaker Joy Ellis

May 14th Car Wash

May 21, 2017 2 of our girls participated in a free photography training and pictues were displayed in Dr. Shirla R. McClain Gallery

May 27th Little Mermaid Musical at the Players Guild with Joy Ellis

June 3,2017 Self Love and Goal Seeking Workshop

June 2017 We made Fathers Day Cards for The residents at Legends Care Center

July 27th BeYoutiful Weirdo LLc Sign up day in the Massillon YMCA 


July 29th Car Wash


August 5th Spa Day with the Mayors Assistant Linda Benson

(Today we are going to start our stories about bullying)

August 12th Downtown Massillon 

Fun Fest

August 19th Volunteer at the Legends Care Center(Help with Bingo,Theme: Superhero)

September 2nd Girl Talk Session(Stay Active)

September 16th Group activity at the Skating Rink