BeYoutiful Weirdo, LLC works with girls on self-awareness to build confidence, life skills to

promote self-sufficiency, and mentoring to show support. The personal encounters with our

participants capture the success of this organization. Below are highlights of what we’ve



BeYoutiful Weirdo Encouraging Self-Love:

One of the girls shared her concern about body image. She was comparing herself to her mom

and sister and felt too tall and overweight for her age. She didn’t feel confident with trying on

dresses for homecoming. Through encouragement, and reminding her that she is beautiful and

created different she gained a new perspective and started accepting who she was. As weeks

went by she started taking pictures of herself and feeling more confident.

BeYoutiful Weirdo Promoting Age Appropriate Development

During a girl talk session the girls brought up a conversation about some middle school girls

having boyfriends. Apparently there was drama surrounding certain boys at their school, and

girls liking them. In session, the girls received advice on healthy friendships, keeping focus on

important matters such as school, reducing distractions and sex-education. The girls were able to

express understanding and re-think some of their decisions. By midterm season these same girls

received A’s and B’s.

BeYoutiful Weirdo Supporting Mental Wellness:

There was a girl who mentioned she was feeling depressed and wanted to harm herself. She was

experiencing conflict with her mother, she didn’t feel loved and felt not good enough. Although

she was getting good grades in school, she wondered why her mother wasn’t proud of her.

Through ongoing support, and sharing life experiences the girl started to feel better. She was

more open about what bothered her and affirmed “she wanted to be strong”. She began to

embrace life, and wanted to explore her purpose, gifts and talents. Currently, she’s a praise

dancer and an usher at church.

BeYoutiful Weirdo Providing Coaching

A 16 year old mentee disclosed she feels comfortable talking individually in the program, rather

than with her mom. She felt that her mother didn’t understand her. This mentee comes from a

single parent home and her mother runs the streets, so she’s being raised by her grandmother.

The mentee is currently dating an 18 year old boy, and fortunately he’s made himself available

for occasional one-to-one meetings. Through coaching on goals, school, and healthy

relationships they’ve been stable. Every Sunday the mentee is available for one-on-one, and both

her and the boyfriend remains connected to church and are focused on their schooling.

BeYoutiful Weirdo Advising On Manifesting Purpose:

An adult female, who’s a single mom, vented about not knowing her purpose in life. By advising

this woman to pray, create a list of what she loves to do, and then research her topic of interest,she was able to focus and began exploring her creative purpose. She is now in the process of

starting two businesses to obtain financial independence to care for herself and her family.