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Mentoring Program

Founder Ke'Aunte Tynette

Founded in 2015 Massillon,Ohio

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“A BeYoutiful Weirdo is a young girl who is learning that it is ok to be herself. She is building her confidence while reaching her goals.”


BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program is focused on elevating young girls 5 years old to 17 years of all nationalities to their highest potential. The curriculum we use is based on gaining confidence, talking about goals and understanding what being a leader is. 

BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC Mentoring Program offers small group instruction with the third grade girls in elementary school by working with the guidance counselors to provide tools and different strategies to help with issues that occur in the school,such as bullying.

BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC was founded in 2015 by Ke’Ante Tynette. BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC is a mentoring program impacting young girls ages 5 years old to 17 years old by showing them strategies of becoming leaders while expressing self-love and creating unity among their peers.


Ke’Aunte Tynette encourages parents and educators to build a better bonding relationship with these young girls by participating in the different activities,such as the different workshops that BeYoutiful Weirdo LLC mentoring program offers. Working together will create a better community.


In 6 weeks of joining our program, I can help your young girl feel confident,stand up for herself, express her feelings, look forward to reach her goals,love the way she is, obtain good grades,appreciate their parents/caretakers,be positive, gain new supportive friends,explore different career opportunities, try new things and most importantly become a leader!

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